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The son of talented musician parents Denholm began his musical career in Cape Town at the age of 5, when he appeared on a nationally televised talent show open to all ages called ‘Follow That Star’ where he made it through to the finals.

Denholm continued performing throughout primary school, which included touring with the legendary South African musical and cultural icon, David Kramer. In his Grade 7, he joined popular kids program K-TV as the ‘K-TV Kids’ Band drummer and moved up to Johannesburg to pursue his musical career. The band toured Southern Africa extensively for 3 years and appeared numerous times on multiple television shows.

After completing his schooling, he enrolled in the Groove Class Academy and acquired his drumming and percussion Diploma… after which he immediately took up the bass guitar and joined South African Multi-Platinum super group Just Jinjer, a mere 5 months later.

Just Jinjer are consider one of the most successful Rock bands to come out of South Africa and are held in high regard for their song writing, musicality, live performances and positive message their music brings to people. Just Jinjer have traveled the globe, lived and recorded in the UK and USA for almost a decade and shared the stage with artists such as U2, Counting Crows, Stevie Wonder, Maroon 5, Goo Goo Dolls, Def Leppard, Spice Girls and Live… just to mention a few.

In taking the next step Denholm coupled his deep understanding of music and instruments with his spectacular ear, and began producing albums for other artists and bands across multiple spheres of music. He has been nominated multiple times for “Best Producer” and “Best Engineer” at the South Africa’s music awards the SAMA’s. He also is demand as a session and performing musician for both local and international artists.

Gear List

AKG IVM4500 In Ear Monitors
AKG D7 Handheld Vocal Mic
Allen & Heath ZEDi10 Mixer

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