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Positioned as a casual sports audio brand, Hakii absorbs inspiration from the dynamic and unconstrained casual sports culture, and presents audio products that adapt to young lifestyles with avant-garde design, a spirit of fashion, an attitude of exceeding expectations, and introduces a premium listening experience. Hakii delivers fun and novelty to independent and curious young people, and helps them finding their best self through the inspiration of music.


Released in 2017, H Series, the predecessor of Hakii, was a premium product line of HAVIT, who strives to provide high quality audio products in competitive prices to worldwide consumers. With exceptional design, sound quality and user experience, H Series makes use of HAVIT’s global supply chain and marketing advantages, has received praises from customers in over 100 countries, and have been honored with international design awards like the iF and Red Dot Awards.

The Birth of Hakii

In order to better serve the lifestyle and music listening experience of the younger generation, H Series has developed audio products that adapt to youth music listening environments. In 2019, the H Series evolved into Hakii, it’s own independent casual sports audio brand. Based on the inspiration from the dynamic and unconstrained casual sports culture, Hakii follows three value standards: avant-garde design, the spirit of fashion, and the attitude of exceeding expectations.

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