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Born from a non-musical family and raised in the previously disadvantaged township of Soweto in the south of Johannesburg, Siyabulela Satsha took an early liking to the drums, as a kid growing up in church.
His uncle a sound engineer at the time, noticed his nephews gift and began to pour into him by cultivating the boys God given gift. Who would then take him to band rehearsals and early Sunday morning sound checks.
Sabu used these opportunities to learn and study some of the musicians he admired.

As Sabu grew up he eventually landed up in the church band at the age of 9, and became principal drummer by age 12. In 2004 while most were still learning their craft, Sabu became resident drummer for a gospel TV music show titled “Its Gospel Time” As the youngest member of the band at age 14 Sabu caught the attention of producer and record label executive Tshepo Ndzimande who went on to book the young drummer for his stable and was shortly promoted to musical director.

The record label then adviced his parents to enroll him in an arts school, where in 2005 Sabu gained entry to The National School of Arts after an awesome audition, also winning him the Yamaha young talent competition.
Soon after this Sabu was recommended by the school for small sessions and gigs, by the end of 2007 he had landed a spot in the biggest African gospel brand (Joyous Celebration), in which he has recorded 9 volumes thus far. Since then Sabu has become the biggest gospel drummer in South Africa and also breaking into other genres.

Sabu’s hard work, innate talent, and gifted ability has been recognized by artists, producers and musicians around the world, enabling him to also maintain a consistent schedule as a clinician and a session drummer who has recorded a lot of albums and live projects. He is growing in the industry as one of the most sought after musicians.

Sabu is currently touring and recording with different projects and has become more of an Independant session drummer, and he continues to grow spiritually, professionally and musically. He is also an inspiration to many and already a legend to some.

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Alesis Strike Multipad
Alesis Multipad Clamp
Alesis DRP100 Headphones

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