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There are many challenges we face in the new world post COVID19. One of the most pressing issues is how can we all safely trade while keeping customers and staff members safe in these difficult times?

The Audiosure Health SteriPod is our answer for sanitising people entering the premises to prevent contamination. The SteriPod can be purchased in a single, double or triple panel tunnel and is manufactured in white for placement of branding. A single modular SteriPod comes equipped with a fully automated 6 nozzle system which aims a fine mist of Anolyte Chemicals over people passing through its Sterilization Tunnel. The liquid used is a highly potent bactericide that can be used to kill all types of micro-organisms including viruses, fungi and bacteria. The spray is non-toxic and is actually derived from a water treatment process. The resulting liquid is comparable to similar chlorine based products but is far more friendly to both humans, and the environment. A quiet all in one 220V Spray Pump features built in overload protection and earth leakage to ensure that it works as hard as your business must in these difficult times. A single SteriPod stands at 1m x 1.4m x 2.1m and comes with a Micro Fibre Mat as well to sterilize shoes.

Each unit includes a One Year Warranty, Installation and 25 Litres of the Anolyte Chemical which dilutes to 100l of sprayable mist. Each module packs flat into a 1m wide x 2.1m long x 320mm high footprint and weighs 48kg. A fee to transport the unit is site dependant. Price includes Branding, Installation Included – Panel is 1M wide

The SteriPod system ensures that individuals and items are disinfected when entering your business thus minimizing the risks associated with the spread of COVID19 via infected droplets that are resting on persons. It is one of the least invasive methods available to quickly, safely and humanely disinfect someone.

Should you wish to enquire further on these SteriPods, kindly contact us at or 011 790 4524