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Unfazed Productions is a technical production company established in 1996 that provides technical solutions and equipment to the events and conference industry. Their specialty is lighting design and conceptualisation for events, offering complete technical services from concepts, to drawings, to event logistics. Their dedication to providing their clients with the best equipment on the market is a hallmark of their modus operandi and it shows by the quality of their work.

Owner Jean-Pierre Willson has toured the world providing these services for corporate and special events and one of his latest involvements was with the Shoprite TopStars competition grand finale, which took place on 17 October, 2016 at the Grand West Arena in Cape Town.

Shoprite TopStars is a year-long performance competition that gives an opportunity for ordinary Shoprite floor workers throughout Africa to show off their skills and compete against others. The competition culminates at the Grand West Arena and Unfazed Productions were the sole providers of the technical aspects of the show.

“It is conceptualized by the amazing Mynie Grove, and her Amagroove production team,” says Willson. “Unfazed Productions was responsible for all technical and production design, lighting design, programming and operation. Our suppliers included Ulrich Biddendal & Associates including Essa Mohammed, Ultra Technical, SimplyAV, Fireworks for Africa & Eastern Acoustics.”

Willson used an array of Chauvet Professional fixtures for the show. These included eight R2 LED washes, two Maverick MK2 Spots, two Maverick MK2 LED Washes and 14 Chauvet SlimPars.

“The Maverick stuff makes you sit up and look, that’s for sure,” remarks Willson. “The feature set is comparable to other brands on the market but the build quality is a lot better. Their reliability is good as well and once you throw in their price point it should give the other players on the market an indication that a new player is coming.”
Willson plans on adding to his Chauvet inventory.

“We’ve got the R2s which we bought at the beginning of the year that we want to add some more to and then more SlimPars as well. Certainly the new Maverick Hybrids are also high up on the list.”

Backup and support is always a huge factor when investing in a brand. Admittedly, Willson hasn’t had any problems with his fixtures yet, which certainly bodes well for the brand. However from the little support he’s needed from Audiosure, he has had good experiences.

“We had an issue with some of our Chauvet Geyser smoke machines which David (Moos) down here sorted out for us without any problems,” says Willson. “From that side, no issues.”
Chauvet Professional and Chauvet DJ are distributed in Southern Africa by Audiosure. Please visit www.audiosure.co.za for more information or to get in contact with the sales team.

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