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Garth Taylor, a SAMA nominated artist, is most renowned for being a chart topping singer-songwriter.

Writing his own music and lyrics, Garth also produces, engineers and mixes a lot of his own work.

This musical legend is no newcomer to the music industry, and boasts a successful recording career spanning two decades. The world first heard of Garth in 1998 when his hit single ‘Why’ remained on top of the radio charts for 5 consecutive weeks. It further received extensive airplay on all major radio stations. ‘Why’ is considered a timeless classic.

His robust reputation as a live performer has earned him spot light performances with stars including, Simply Red, Shaggy, Jonathan Butler, Phil Fearon, Judy Boucher and Brian McNight. He was also handpicked by Sir Richard Branson to entertain at his sons wedding in 2013.

Garth is actively involved in the fight against the abuse of women and children.

Out of the recording studio, Garth is an avid fitness fanatic, and started his own kickboxing dojo after taking the South African Amateur Kickboxing Champion title in 2014. Garth also loves the outdoors and is a keen fisherman.

Gear List

AKG WMS420 Vocal Handheld Wireless Microphone System
AKG WMS40 FLEXX Wireless Guitar System
Allen & Heath QU-SB
Akai LPD8 Wireless
Alesis SamplePad4
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