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Andrew Grayland and John Austin former R&D manager and one of the Technical Directors of Klark Teknik started XTA in 1992. Having overseen many of the benchmark products produced by KT, both Andrew and John felt that DSP (digital signal processing) technology could find a home at the heart of PA systems.

At this time DSP was often disregarded because of its audio quality, but Andrew and John felt with the right algorithms and using 32-bit processing coefficients instead of 24-bit – what the majority of DSP designs were using – digital equipment could be designed that would sound very pure and clear. In March 2007, after over two years of talks, the directors of both companies came to the decision to merge XTA and MC2.

This was completed just in time for Pro Light and Sound held in Frankfurt and was announced at the show. The deal saw Andrew Grayland leaving the group as a director and shareholder but continuing to work on a consultancy basis for the companies.

Along with XTA and MC2 one more company completes the new cluster of business, Quested Monitoring, having been acquired by MC2 in 2004. Combining the recourses of all three companies, XTA is set to bring some very new and exciting products to the market.

With a view to also start an education program at its UK headquarters XTA is continuing its growth and reputation for exceptional products and service.

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