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Allen & Heath have built a lot of mixers in the last 40+ years and they still get a huge buzz out of doing it well. They understand that it’s an unbeatable feeling to know that at any time of day or night, right across the globe, there is an Allen & Heath mixer out there working hard, sounding great and making life a little easier for the person at the controls.

Back in the early 70s they were hand-building consoles in a small factory in London for elite bands like Pink Floyd and The Who. These days Allen & Heath customers are spread across almost every environment imaginable, including touring, theatres, houses of worship, nightclubs, TV and radio stations, recording studios and countless other places where great sound matters.

Allen & Heath are proud to design and specify all the product ranges here at their headquarters in beautiful Cornwall, UK, with manufacturing split between their UK factory and a production facility in China. R&D teams are dedicated to designing world-class mixing desks using cutting-edge technology, advanced techniques and highest quality components.

Quality has always been their watchword and they have an exceptionally dedicated team of production employees, many of whom have been with them for many years and who take responsibility for providing customers with excellent products. There are plenty of companies making mixers, but Allen & Heath believe they’ve got a very special selling point: they are truly passionate about what they do and understand what their customers do.

This isn’t just something that gets reflected in glossy brochures, it’s something you hear when you pick up the phone to them, and you hear it most of all every time you use an Allen & Heath mixer. Every console has been meticulously designed to deliver the clearest and cleanest replication of the original sound, and that sound tells you a lot about the people who created it.

Listen to a bunch of engineers talking about Allen & Heath mixers and you’ll probably hear words like ‘transparency’, ‘clarity’ when considering the signal path and with processing such as equalisers ‘warmth’, ‘depth’ and ‘fullness’ used a lot. Those characteristics don’t come about by accident – Allen & Heath tweak, tease, experiment and compare over many months to perfect each console they design, getting the very best from every component.

They only introduce a new product when they’re convinced that it sounds fabulous! Of course, having a great sound is not good enough on its own, the products also have to provide the right tools to allow artistes and engineers the creative scope to produce the results they want, be that for a band performing at a venue or a DJ producing a new mix in a nightclub.

Allen & Heath customers make an important contribution to the products with their feedback on how they use products and what they would like to achieve next. Together we all can continue to make great audio mixing products!

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