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The Audiosure Solutions Teams are very proud to announce a full Allen & Heath dLive system install into the Rhema Bible Church in Randburg. The configuration was carefully considered and designed by our product specialist team in consultation with the Lead Audio Engineer and team from the Church to not only offer the finest broadcast quality audio pathways and routing from all the control areas, but also with redundancy in mind to ensure that if there is a break in signal whether it’s the main desk at FOH, or a surface at Monitor or Broadcast that the system makes an instant and unnoticeable switch to the backup audio network.


The Surfaces utilized were as follows, an S Class S5000 at the FOH, and two of the C Class C3500’s, one for Monitor Mix and one to handle the Broadcast/Studio feeds. Two DM64’s, a DM0 and a DX012 Mix Rack deliver all the connected inputs and outputs which can be shared via Allen & Heath’s proprietary GigaAce Audio networking system.


This allows for flexible signal management, so everyone on the network has access to 128 inputs and 64 mix busses and Front of House, monitors and broadcast desks can each send signal back and forth using tie lines. This configuration also means that all the signals are phase-aligned and in time, with the total latency from input to output on any of these racks at 0.7ms.


A fitted Dante card to the Mix Rack also adds another layer of control to route audio to other parts of the building and rooms via the Dante network. The final piece of this amazing puzzle is the ME-HUB. This 10-port Hub in conjunction with the dedicated ME ports on the Mix racks ensure that routing to the 40-channel monitor mixer is simple and easy, and all the connected musicians on stage can customize their mix feeds via the ME-1.


Product Specialist Lesedi Maponya had the following to say

“This is one of the largest churches in the world, so they needed a large audio solution As soon as the engineers got their hands on the dLive’s it was a no-brainer to actually go ahead and integrate it into their church. The tie-line features on the console are one of the most useful features in the system. The Dyn8 capabilities are a game changer. It is hard to think of a time when dynamic EQ was not an option. The aim here was longevity and flexibility. The access to support and training for a church is important because everyone on the team should be able to operate the system. This is the beginning of a relationship that can grow from strength to strength.“

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