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The Fountain of Life church in Boksburg, recently completed a full overhaul of their main auditorium. Audiosure were approached to design a complete audio and lighting solution through Music Inc SA to fulfil the vision which Fountain of Life had for the future of their church.

Audiosure’s Account Manager, Penelope Schoeman, said that the church were looking for an updated, modern look to their auditorium space. Moving forward, the church is wanting to appeal to a more youth orientated crowd. “Lighting was a big focal point for this solution, as it needed to change the dynamic of the space, as well as provide adequate lighting for broadcasting purposes. Furthermore, the installation of the existing line-array was not correctly covering the entire congregation, so adjustments needed to be made.”

Lighting Product Specialist, Jaco Grobbelaar-Brand, included six Chauvet EVE-P100 as FOH lights and eight Chauvet EVE-P130 lights for backlighting and colour, as part of the design. Twelve Chauvet SlimParQ12 LED’s were installed as house lights. Jaco said that the customer wanted flexibility in the venue. “The venue mainly gets used as a church, but this solution allows so much more. Other shows and conferencing can now take place inside the main auditorium. Jaco continued, “the design of the main stage is very unique, but fortunately the installed Chauvet lighting offers so much versatility that this never posed any sort of problem.” The lighting system is controlled by a Chamsys Quick Q20 console, positioned at FOH.

From an audio control point of view, Fountain of Life wanted to be able to broadcast their services via a separate controlled system. Allen & Heath Product Specialist, Marc Paynter, advised the customer to invest in the SQ range of Allen & Heath mixers to achieve this. Using the Tie Lines feature to patch the channels across, a SQ5 was connected from the broadcast studio to a SQ6 at FOH. This allows the user to have complete control of a separate broadcast mix, independent of the FOH mix. Using a Slink card, a GX4816 expander was added in the amp room under the stage to accommodate up to 48 inputs from the various musical instruments and microphones on stage, and also allows for any future growth of the system – from an additional DX sockets to direct connection to the ME Personal Mixing System. Three EWI PSX 8 50 looms are feeding the mic channels to the stage.

Audio Product Specialist, John Greaves, configured the existing line array and subwoofers into the stages new design. Two Blackline X8 speakers were also added into the configuration as monitors. Additional amplifiers were added in order to run the line array in a higher box resolution, offering better control of the system. Two Samson S-Phone’s were also added for monitoring on stage.

Overall, the installation turned out just the way we had presented it to the client and the excitement on the Pastors face when we commissioned the system said it all.  Audiosure thoroughly enjoyed working with Music Inc SA on this project right from conceptualization to completion.

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