Audiosure Provide State Of The Art Audio, Lighting and AV Install for Curro Rivonia

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At the end of 2020, Curro Rivonia, an independent school in Sandton, recently enlisted the services of Audiosure to provide a state-of-the-art audio, lighting and projection system into their school hall. This school utilises the hall for a number of activities, including theatre productions and sporting activities. The brief was to provide a simple to use, cost-effective solution for all Curro Rivonia learners, teachers and families to use and be proud of for many years to come.


The audio system was designed to achieve a full frequency audio reproduction across the entire listening area. Like most modern schools, they were looking to better utilise the venue for productions and performances, so great sound needed to be achieved. A major focus was also placed on having a good speech intelligibility index within the audience area.


John Greaves, Audio Product Specialist at Audiosure, said that Martin Audio’s CCD range of speakers and processing systems could achieve what the brief had laid out. “We were able to calibrate and time-align the CDD speakers within the venue using the Martin Audio DX05 speaker management system.” John added, “the addition of the SX118 subwoofers with the CDD system really added to the wow factor the school were looking for.” The SX118 subwoofers were coupled with a pair of CDD12 positioned in front of the stage, with a pair of CDD10’s installed as a delay set midway through the hall’s lengthened design. The CDD and SX speakers are powered by two Wharfedale Pro CPD1600, one CDP2600, and a single CPD3600.


John also mentioned that there were a few challenges during the audio planning process which needed to be addressed. “The entire proscenium wall was made from dry board, which posed a few mounting issues for the two CDD8 speakers. We opted to fly them from high tensile steel rope, which allowed for a much safer install, as well as the elimination of any structural noise that otherwise would’ve been transferred through the drywall.”


Marc Paynter, Allen & Heath Product Specialist, recommended the addition of a QU32 mixing console and AR2412 stage box for this solution. The QU32 combines innovative design and exceptional functionality to provide the user with an easy-to-use, hassle-free solution to control the audio system. This was an exceptionally important factor as students, teachers and sound engineers would be required to use the console for a variety of functions within the venue. The AR2412 allows for the two AKG WMS470 systems, nine AKG CHM99 hanging microphones as well as all the amplifier outputs to be connected on stage. This is then controlled over a CAT6 cable by the QU32.


Theatre productions are a major focus for the school on the lighting front. Jaco Grobbelaar-Brand, Lighting Product Specialist at Audiosure, designed a cost-effective system which would incorporate all of the schools requirements. The lighting solution consists of six Chauvet P100’s, ten P130’s, three Ovation F915’s, six Intimidator Spot 375z’s, and three CYC lights. This is all controlled by a ChamSys QuickQ 20 lighting controller at FOH, and a Chauvet Net X II DMX distributor on stage.


In addition to the school’s existing projector, a Vivitek DH833 and two Grandview 150” motorised screens were installed to provide two separate images on either side of the stage. This allowed for complete visual coverage throughout the entire venue. Various Kramer control systems were installed to provide the school with options to control the visual aspect from either the stage or FOH position, as well as having a separate audio mix which can be controlled and sent through the main audio system.


Audiosure are incredibly proud to have provided a complete solution for the Curro Rivonia school hall. From concept to completion, we’re confident that our solution will enable the school to create many happy memories for many years to come.

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