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Bigger isn’t always better and when it comes to installations in venues such as churches and conference centres, discretion and effectiveness is key. With the Martin Audio O-line all these bases are covered with elegance and style while offering the superb performance and pristine audio quality Martin Audio has become known for.

What is the Martin Audio O-Line? The O-Line is a micro line array aimed at installations where consistent audio coverage and supreme accuracy is needed for a wide variety of architectural environments. Using only one amplifier channel per array keeps costs to a minimum while processing is kept simple with mechanical alignment and straightforward EQ and limiting. Using the O-Line Software – downloadable for free off of the Martin Audio website – inter-cabinet and array angles can be calculated and for ideal coverage for any predefined area.

Up to 24 modules can be connected in a single array when high output and low/mid vertical frequency focussing is required and for short-throw applications a minimum of four can be used. Using the O-Line Software instead of integrated DSP, the vertical beam output of the array can be calculated and then applied mechanically to the individual array modules to achieve an array curve. Each venue is unique in its configuration requirements so the software enables the installer via intelligent judgements to optimise the alignment of each array for uniform SPL distribution across the frequency spectrum.

The O-Line features a line of five custom-designed 0.55” dome tweeters spaced 21mm apart, eliminating side-lobes in the vertical dispersion axis in the high frequency band. The two 3.5” LF driver cones are manufactured from a proprietary material that is both light and rigid and follow the contour of the HF wave guide walls. This results in constant horizontal directivity in the low/mid frequencies all the way up to the top end of the spectrum.

The O-Line was recently installed in the conference/training space of the new hospital complex in De Aar by the Audiosure Bloemfontein branch team, overseen by branch manager Francois du Plessis. The new venue is multi-functional so the system had to be able to handle whatever was thrown at it under varied circumstances.

“The venue caters for 60 dignitaries, and is setup as a training and/or conference space,” explains du Plessis. “We installed 16 Martin Omniline Line Array boxes in two hangs (eight a side) with two dual- 10” subwoofers a side. It is powered by a single Martin MA 2.8Q amplifier and processed by one Allen & Heath IDR8 and a ZED14 for input. A 100V Line system also compliments the cafeteria area powered by DSPPA and Quad Industrial.”

Du Plessis used the O-Line Software to calculate the inter-cabinet array angles as well as the crossover points and parametric EQs. The result was a very linear response from 50Hz all the way up to 20kHz across a 13.7m x 5.9m room.

In addition to the O-Line system the venue also received a Vivitek D6035 projector, 60 Taiden Deligate units, Samson podium microphones and Clock Audio radio microphones.

Audiosure distributes Martin Audio, Allen & Heath, DSPPA, Quad Industrial, Taiden, Vivitek and Samson in Southern Africa. To find out more about these products or to contact the sales team please visit for more information.

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