Masjidut Taqwa Mosque Chooses Martin Audio O-Line

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At the beginning of 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, Masjidut Taqwa Mosque in Gqeberha enlisted the services of LineOut Productions in an effort to upgrade their audio system.

With seriously high quality audio in the brief, LineOut’s Dave Opperman immediately thought that Martin Audio’s O-Line would be the perfect solution. “I had heard the O-Line system many years ago at an Audiosure demo in Johannesburg,” said Dave. “It was seriously impressive then and it is a great sounding solution that is economical on amplification and, of course, great to look at.” The O-Line from Martin Audio is an award-winning, aesthetically pleasing, modular micro line array designed for a wide variety of architectural applications. With this in mind, representatives from the mosque were extremely happy to have a system of such calibre installed into their venue.

LineOut Productions installed a total of sixteen Martin Audio O-Line cabinets across two arrays, which are powered by two Wharfedale Pro CPD 2600 amplifiers. The entire system is running through a Wharfedale Pro SC26 Versadrive speaker management system, which takes control of all audio dynamic settings such as crossovers, EQs and limiters. A Samson CM20P Podium mic on a CMB1 base and two CM11B’s Boundary Microphones were also installed in various positions throughout the venue.

Although 2020 was an extremely challenging year, the installation commenced before South Africa went into a nationwide lockdown at the end of March. The unique layout of the venue also posed a few challenges with regards to the positioning of the array. Despite these hurdles, the entire system was finally commissioned by LineOut Productions in September 2020.

Audiosure are proud to have worked alongside LineOut Productions in providing the perfect solution for the Masjidut Taqwa Mosque. We wish them all the best with their system in the years to come.

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