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Audiosure are very proud to announce a partnership with Mettlestate.
Mettlestate are the leading South African Esports tournament organizer, production house and gaming content creation hub that is forging the future of pro gaming on the African Continent. From hosting weekly tournaments to running an international accredited qualifier events such as the CS:GO Intel Masters they are on the pulse of gaming, streaming and casting.
Mettlestate Studio 1 now features a full Samson Audio Solution. Featuring a 5-channel Wireless Solution using Samson Concert 99 systems it coordinates and feed signals from a selection of SE10x’s, SE50X and an LM10 small capsule condensers into the Samson MXP144FX mixer. That in turn feeds the now converted digital signal directly into the broadcast software. This audio is monitored by the engineer at the mixing point by a pair of Samson SR850 Headphones and a pair of the Samson Resolve SE8 Studio monitors on MS200 Heavy Duty Monitors Stands in the studio for when they like to get loud or have interviews from outside the studio. The Mettlestate team saw an immediate improvement in the quality of broadcast, casters were more engaged with their stories and, there was an uptick of comments and engagement with the viewers. To further enhance the quality of the broadcast, Audiosure also installed four of the EVE P140 Variable Whites on a Chauvet ShowExpress DMX controller into the studio, which allows the Director to accurately match the changing set colors with what is coming through on the cameras and match the richness and tones on screen.
Samson Product Specialist and Marketing Coordinator Dave Skinz had the following to say, “We are so proud to partner Samson with one the leading companies in eSports in South Africa. Samson offer an incredible and affordable range of products and have recently put focus on the broadcast side of their business, so they are a perfect fit with the Mettlestate team.  I have known Barry from Mettlestate since he was representing South African competitively on the international eSports Stage and, he always had a vision to bring the quality and scope of events he saw overseas to South Africa.  Together with his amazing team and partners anything seems possible, and we are committed and proud to stand with them to realize their dreams. “
Thank you so much to Barry and Carly from Mettlestate!
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