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Blum has been manufacturing and supplying furniture fittings for modern living environments worldwide since 1958. Their Gauteng team has just moved into a new office space, incorporating a massively impressive showroom to display their superior products. Together with their partner, Audiosure was called in to assist with enhancing their space with an audio system capable of background music, allowing advanced AV connectivity for presentations.


The Solutions team designed and implemented an Optimal Audio centric design that encompassed the Blum team’s requirements for multi-zone audio where they can easily switch between incoming sources and additionally allow them to present to their team and clients via a projector and wireless microphone to all the rooms in the venue or just one or two spaces. The technical pre-sales team designed a system where the client would not have to worry about any of the back-end processes happening in the system and could control the entire ecosystem from a mobile phone or iPad. An additional objective was to have the speakers and system installed as seamlessly as possible from a visual standpoint to fit into the ethos of the company and the space.


The Optimal Audio Zone 4 is the designated control unit and is paired with the SmartAmp30 to drive Cuboid 8 speakers and the Sub 10 bass woofer to create a vivid and lively level for presentations and events in the main area while the DSPPA 119B offers a low-profile audio coverage across the other zones as to not draw attention from Blum’s beautiful products. The Samson Concert 99 wireless microphone system was installed for presentations and the team opted for the fantastic Q8 capsule for the Handheld Microphone so any attending presenter could hop onto the microphone with peace of mind. The final piece of the puzzle was selecting the Vivitek D2650Z Digital Projector for the space to ensure the Optimum Brightness and Colours can be achieved and pairing it with an automatic screen that deploys only when the projector is switched on.


The results and pictures speak for themselves. Get in touch today to chat with our team about a solution for your space and needs.

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