Rhema Bible Church North Equipped with CHAUVET Professional Fixtures.

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The Audiosure team is very proud to announce a full lighting install and refresh for the Rhema Bible Church in Randburg. The Audiosure Product Specialist team consulted with Rhema’s Worship Production team to deliver the Church a modern new facelift using colour and light to enhance an already incredible setting. Ten of the Chauvet Professional Maverick Storm 2 Profiles were installed to give the stage more life and zest, with their motorized blades you can create a diverse number of shapes and eye candy effects to keep the audience’s eyes engaged on the stage. To provide the colour palette to work on, ten of the Chauvet Rogue R3X Washes were selected to complement the Maverick Storm 2’s and wash the venue in glittering colours. Maverick Force S Spots deliver controlled and radiant beams and with their different Gobo patterns and motorized Zoom, they can target and highlight any element on stage with total accuracy.

In order to get these beautiful fixtures to really cut through the space the Audiosure team installed three Amhaze Stadiums across the stage to deliver the best contrasts on atmospheric effects, and the high-quality water-based haze fluid ensures that no one gets a croaky voice on stage. The entire configuration is controlled from Front of House via the Chamsys MQ500M Stadium which can support up to 256 universes directly from the console with no need for external processors and the entire DMX cable run and network is coordinated by the Chauvet Pro Net-X II Ethernet-to-DMX node.

The Chauvet list of products:

1. Chauvet NetX II (4)
2. Chamsys MQ500M
3. Chauvet R3X Wash (10)
4. Chauvet Storm 2 Profile (10)
5. Chauvet Maverick Force S Spot (8)
6. Chauvet Amhaze Stadium (3)

Lighting Designer Kevin George had the following to say about the system “This installation is one of the best and creative I have done thus far. Each light delivers the most outstanding results and gives a new face to the church. Chauvet Pro does not disappoint in the outcome, giving every customer the best result and various effects that they can choose from. These lights are very diverse in the sections, giving the church a very dynamic design on where and what they want to use. The Maverick Storm 2 Profile is an insane product to have. Being that is an IP65 light and the insane brightness it delivers, with the motorized blades, you can never go wrong with a product like this!”

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