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In the studio world reference is king and if you can’t hear a faithful representation of the source you may as well be guessing.  Samson takes the guesswork out of headphone monitoring with the brand new Z55 studio reference headphones, available through Audiosure.

Designed for a wide, balanced tone and pinpoint clarity ideal for recording, mixing and mastering, the closed back, over-ear Z55s are the flagship in the Samson headphones line and the pinnacle of decades of research and expertise.  Put them on and you’ll immediately notice the snug and comfortable fit courtesy of their genuine lambskin cushioning while their lightweight design will provide the comfort you need for hours, whether steeped in the dim light of a studio or on the road.  Storage is made easy with their collapsible construction and convenient carry bag while an assortment of three cable styles will make connection to your gear, including smartphones, more convenient than ever.

The Z55s were designed with one thing in mind:  high quality monitoring.  With their 45mm drivers and a frequency response of 10 Hz – 25 kHz, you can be 100% certain they will represent the entire spectrum faithfully without any colouration.  Careful attention has been paid to the crucial midrange band of the Z55s so you can expect it to be ultra-smooth, warm, always clear and never obtrusive.

Attached to your old faithfuls?  We challenge you to give the Z55s a try today and hear the difference!

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